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5 Image Occlusion Cards
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$8 / month billed annually
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Complete suite for knowledge management
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Unlimited PDFs and Knowledge Bases
Unlimited file upload
Collaborate with anyone
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Life Long Learner
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Your Long-Term Second Brain and Thinking Companion
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Lifetime Desktop Pro Access
Cloud Storage for 5 Years
Rem Storage
Trash History
1 week
PDFs Annotation
Knowledge Bases
Search Portals
Image Occlusion
Shared Knowledge Bases
5 members
File uploads
Up to 5Mb in size
Custom Schedulers
Access To Lab Features
Graph View
Priority Support
Automation Power-Ups
Custom Date Formatting
Daily Cloud Backups
Customize Shortcuts
Local Knowledge Bases
Custom Themes

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Loved by Academics and Professionals
Traditional spaced repetition & flashcard software present knowledge out of context. RemNote keeps knowledge in context by working as an everyday outliner and note-taking tool, while allowing you effortlessly to interleave questions to review content. It makes remembering something a nearly effortless choice. It is an indispensable sidekick for students, researchers, and autodidacts. They couple this with a legendary iteration speed that ensures it continues to improve at a rapid pace.
David Dohan
MIT, Google Brain, OpenAI
Decided. For my current research project that will last until mid next year, I will use #remnote. Its WYSIWYG, good handling of images and speed are crucial for me ATM.
I have tried other similar products, but I have always felt the other apps required more work on my end for them to work, versus them working for me!! That is not the case with Remnote - Its quick, easy, and super effective. Thank you for making this wonderful product!!!!!!
Austin Sneller
As a lifelong learner, RemNote is not only a great personal knowledge management system, but also has a brilliant set of features to help retain knowledge. I've been able to collect, curate, synthesize, and remember so much more information because of RemNote!
Aravind V
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