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The world needs better ways to think and learn. We combine the latest research in neuroscience and psychology with cutting-edge web technology to build the #1 integrated thinking and learning tool.

We work hard and have fun every day. Our team members have a huge impact from day one on RemNote, our users, and our steep upward trajectory.

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A global and productive team

+ and growing, we work all across the globe, with teammates in cities and countries. We stay close-knit with shared team lunches, events, and offsites.

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Dedicated to reinvent learning and thinking

We care deeply about augmenting thinking and making studying fun and productive. Let’s “Boost mankind's capability for coping with complex, urgent problems”.

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High curiosity, high impact

We are fiercely protective of our culture, which values community, ambition, curiosity, candor, and a perpetual thirst for knowledge.

What's the vibe?

How we work

Highly aligned, loosely coupled: Members of our team understand high-level company goals, are autonomous, and show initiative.

Ambition shapes reality: We are extremely ambitious in what we can accomplish. We set high standards, expecting to fail in the short-term but knowing that failure guides us to learn and ultimately succeed.

Product-driven: We invest in a world-class experience that reduces massive friction for our users and speaks for itself.

Asynchronous productivity: We are a globally distributed and diverse team that values deep, asynchronous work, effective and clear communication. We invest in helping each other grow as a team and as individuals.

Learn through building: It's time to build! We ship frequently, connect with our community, and iterate until we get it perfect.

Benefits🏕Fully remote😎Async-first - flexible working hours🚀Early-stage, well-funded rocket ship💸Competitive salary & equity💻Premium equipment🏝Flexible time off📚Personal learning budget
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Who are we?
People at RemNote typically share a strong sense of mission, desire for autonomy and ownership over a domain, and a strong generalist skillset within or across disciplines.People here are passionate about learning and gaining mastery over one or multiple skills.
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Danny Profile
DannyJust got a text from my Grandad this morning that he’s started using RemNote! What for, I have no idea 😂
Hannes Profile
HannesWow, that’s awesome! There is a book called “Mom Test”. I’m sure it’d work for Grandads too.
Individuals at RemNote are
  • Productivity enthusiasts
  • Prior founders
  • MIT AI PhD dropouts
  • Aspiring polymaths
  • Capable of riding a 6 foot unicycle
  • Taekwondo black belt holders
  • winners
  • Emergent Ventures fellowship winners
  • Experts on incremental reading
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Hannes Profile
HannesAnti OOO: My wife and son are visiting grandparents and I'll stay at home. I'm going to get a lot of stuff done that week. And I'm open for 1:1s at almost any hour if somebody is interested.
Martin Profile
MartinOffsite at Hannes's House?

Individuals at RemNote have

  • 300k spaced repetition practice interactions
  • Worked on world’s largest physics experiment
  • Built two social media platforms
  • Solved a rubik’s cube in 13s
  • Built a bank
  • Used spaced repetition to learn coding from scratch
  • Built a racing game
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Open Positions

We are not actively filling new roles right now but will list future positions here soon. You can express your interest in working with us here. Want to contribute? Join our developer community!