About RemNote

Founded in 2020 at MIT, our mission is to reinvent how people learn, think, and collaborate.

RemNote combines recent research in neuroscience and psychology with cutting-edge web technology to build the #1 knowledge management platform.

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of users, raised a $2.8M seed round from world class investors, and have a fantastic community supporting our mission.

Founders at the Beach
Our TeamWe have a small but growing remote-first team.
Martin SchneiderCEO & FounderCurious about tools for thought, learning, and software engineering
Moritz WallawitschCPO & FounderCurious about progress and cognitive augmentation
Savannah FederMarketing ManagerCurious about building products, creative writing and philosophy.
Dennis WillmannSoftware EngineerI'm a passionate gamer and curious about app design.
Bijay ShresthaSoftware EngineerCreating tools for awesome digital experiences, creating music, and taking life inspirations from anime. Dattebayo!
Soren BjornstadSoftware EngineerCurious about music, language, and relating information
Wyatt SellSoftware EngineerCurious about electronics, ethics and problem-solving
Arnav GosainSoftware EngineerLearner & maker curious about building products, functional programming, and tools for thought
Jesse OnolememenSoftware EngineerCurious about educational tools, AI, fashion & finance
KarthikeyanSoftware EngineerCurious about Software Engineering, Team Collaboration, Productivity.
James B.Software EngineerCurious about self-directed learning and functional programming
Leandro DoldanSoftware EngineerCurious about productivity, life-long learning, ethics and economics
Farrel MahaztraSoftware EngineerCurious about science fiction and machine learning
Chandru A.Product DesignerCurious about designing better products, creative problem solving and stories in any form.
Sergey PopovSoftware EngineerI’m curious about optimizations, effective data synchronization and storing.
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Our InvestorsWe’ve raised a $2.8M seed. We’re supported by world-class investors and advisors.
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Loved by Academics and Professionals
Our users are studying medicine, computer science, and more. They’re building spaceships, creating products, and conducting fundamental research. Collectively, we’re trying to find better ways to learn, think, and get organized.
Traditional spaced repetition & flashcard software present knowledge out of context. RemNote keeps knowledge in context by working as an everyday outliner and note-taking tool, while allowing you effortlessly to interleave questions to review content. It makes remembering something a nearly effortless choice. It is an indispensable sidekick for students, researchers, and autodidacts. They couple this with a legendary iteration speed that ensures it continues to improve at a rapid pace.
David Dohan
Princeton, Google Brain, OpenAI
Decided. For my current research project that will last until mid next year, I will use #remnote. Its WYSIWYG, good handling of images and speed are crucial for me ATM.
I have tried other similar products, but I have always felt the other apps required more work on my end for them to work, versus them working for me!! That is not the case with Remnote - Its quick, easy, and super effective. Thank you for making this wonderful product!!!!!!
Austin Sneller
As a lifelong learner, RemNote is not only a great personal knowledge management system, but also has a brilliant set of features to help retain knowledge. I've been able to collect, curate, synthesize, and remember so much more information because of RemNote!
Aravind V
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