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James Lin
Med student at Harvard
I began my premed journey as a Power-User of Anki. The greatest hassle was converting my lecture notes into cards. RemNote streamlines this process unlike anything else out there. It allows you to study while facilitating memorization and card creation without breaking flow. It’s a priceless superpower for all students!
Danny Geisz
CS student at Berkeley
RemNote is like a hardcore drug, except when you get hopelessly addicted to it your life is more organized and you’re probably smarter.
Shabab Bin Maahdi
High school student
Everyone in this team is so passionate. And did I mention the product itself? MINDBLOWING!!! The rate at which it accelerates learning is insanely high! Safe to say, It is going to be the best knowledge handling app out here.
Savannah Feder
Student at UBC
RemNote has quickly become one of my favourite products of all time. I used to forget nearly all the information captured into my knowledge base – but now I feel like I have this superpower to remember anything I find important. Super satisfying to run through flashcards too :) For any students out there, I scored top marks with half as much effort the term I switched to RemNote. Works like magic 🪄

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PDF Annotation

Got a PDF, PowerPoint, or other document to learn from? Upload it and tie the source material to your notes.

Tables and Databases

Keep tabs on your to-dos, deadlines, reading, and projects with tables you can customize to fit your needs.

Flashcards from Images

Master visual content from anatomy to geography with image occlusion flashcards.
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