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Sure, it’s a note-taking tool. But there’s also flashcards, PDFs, backlinks, and more - to help you learn, stay organized, and think.

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Get higher grades in less time. Organize your study process by connecting your notes, flashcards, and PDFs.


Find insights in your knowledge. Link notes and ideas to supercharge your memory, organization, and thinking skills.


Organize your thoughts, plans, and tasks. We’re built to help you plan all of your life in one place.

1. Notes, Docs & Outlines

Capture and link your ideas. RemNote is built for thinking and long-term knowledge management.

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2. Smart Flashcards

Create flashcards directly from your notes. We use learning science to help you get higher grades while spending less time studying.


3. PDFs & Web Articles

Easily highlight, reference, and link all of your source material. No application switching.

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Build knowledge that lasts forever

Local-Only Knowledge Bases

Free, secure knowledge bases that run offline on your computer.

You Own Your Data

Export or import content directly from other apps.

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